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Price List

(Nail Trim and Ear plucking are included in the price)


Nail clip only-£10.00


Full Clip    (subject to size of dog) 

Small-e.g Yorkshire Terrier- from £30


Medium-e.g Shih-Tzu/Lhasa-Apso- from £40

Westie/Miniature Schnauzer- from £40

Bichon Frise/Any wool coated Doodle/Poo Mix- from £50

Medium plus-e.g Cocker /Springer Spaniel-from £45

Large- e.g Border Collie/GSD-from £50

Large plus-e.g Labradoodle (non wool coat)-from £50

Labradoodle (wool coat) /Std Poodle-from £70


Hand Stripping -from £50

Please contact me for other breed price enquiries.   



Bath  Only

£25 - £30  (subject to size of dog)


Trim Only

£30 - £45  (subject to size of dog)


Prices may vary depending on the size of dog, or the condition of your dog's coat and the time spent preparing your dog for bath and/or clip. 

Recommended time between clipping-6 to 8 weeks.


Knotted coats may need to be clipped short for the dog's comfort and to prevent future skin problems occurring.

All shampoos are hypo-allergenic and non-irritating.

Whilst in the care of Doggylicious; every effort will be made to make your dog's grooming visit an enjoyable and relaxing experience.

Please contact me for a free telephone consultation if you are unsure on the price guide.

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